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Get Some Magic in Your Life!

Hi, I’m PK, and I do some pretty awesome magic on the Sunshine Coast.


We had PK for a party, and he was professional, entertaining, and totally mind-blowing!

Gemma J.

We have PK at our restaurant, and all the customers love his magic! He is always friendly, entertaining, and funny!

George M.

I am a pretty good close-up magician in Sunshine Coast.

Hi, I’m PK. I’ve been doing magic for almost three decades, and went professional about 12 years ago. I’m a very friendly magician who loves to perform and amaze people with my unique style of magic. Close-up magic is a type of magic that spectators can take part in by picking cards, holding props, and interacting on a personal level. The magic becomes stronger when it happens in your hands. You’ll love it!

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PK was hired for a company function, and he amazed everyone! We had such a great time! 100% recommend him to make any gathering more fun!

Sabine G.

Any more questions I might have already answered?

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How much to book a show?

It really depends on the venue, number of people, number of special requests, and duration of the gig. I can give you a quote if you email me at pk@atomiczebra.com It would help if you explained what the occasion is, what you’re after, and how long or how regular you would need my services.

Reasonable haggling is welcome. Unreasonable requests will be turned down, though.

Do you teach magic?

Yes, in fact, I do. I’ve done lots of lectures. I’ve lectured in DVDs and videos sold all around the world, and given lectures to all kinds of students ranging from hobbyists to professionals. (From children in the 5th grade to adults in their 60s)

If you’re looking for magic lectures, or presentational tips (I have also taught how to give exciting/interesting presentations) then just let me know what you’re after, and we can make it work.


Professional, punctual, and principled. Alliteration aside, I adamantly aim to provide the most astonishing magic, ever. I practice for hours everyday, I work hard to stay multiple tiers above amateurs, hobbyists, and your friend who “knows some magic,” and it will show in every moment of my performances.


My acts are clean, and I am child-friendly (I have a 5 year old daughter, and I have worked as a teacher for a long time as well). Plus, I’m a friendly person, so during the whole performance you will feel like you’re having one of the most entertaining times of your life.


I have taught magic to thousands of adults, teenagers, and children all over the world. If you want to learn how to properly perform magic, I’m your guy. I can explain everything from small nuances to major plots, expanding into help with public speaking, all while you learn awesome magic.

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