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Who Am I?

Just in case you wanted to know more about me.

Hi, I’m PK.

Hey guys, I’m PK. PK stands for the initials of my name. Usually in magic, PK stands for “psychokinetic,” meaning you can move things with your mind. Yeah, sort of like “the force.” So I’ve had a lot of people ask me what PK stands for, but it’s nothing fancy, just my given name abbreviated.

I’ve been doing magic for a while. Like yesterday… No, just kidding, I’ve been performing for almost 3 decades. My first gig was in 1987. (For the record, it was some card tricks.) I actually got paid $10 for it. Wow. ($10 back then was a lot for a kid)

I used to perform with almost nothing but simple tricks (like the basic card magic package I sell at themooloolabashuffle.com) for a decade, dealing with school kids (peers) heckling me all the time. That’s how I learned to focus on presentation, manage audiences, and have fun in the meantime.Then I started learning more sleight of hand.profile03

That’s how I found shortcuts to things that took me a while to get to. Then my magic started picking up pace, both literally and figuratively. Surprisingly, as a sergeant in the army, I found a magic book in the library on base, and it was actually a pretty in-depth card magic book from Japan. I learned and practiced a lot during that time, and when I returned to society, I was doubly equipped. A couple years later, I started a magic company (2DeeMAGiC) that I maintained for about 5 years.

During which, I performed for a variety of different people ranging from 4th graders to drunk adults. Some venues were just 5 people, and some were 600. Corporate events, charity events, lectures, and huge university parties. You name it, I’ve most likely done it.

I’ve also published and sold an all-in-one card magic DVD shipped to over 20 countries. I’ve stayed busy for a long time.

Until the time restraints of having another full-time job took its toll. Then magic became a professional level hobby for a while.

Now, I am in Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia, and I am studying for my masters degree.

Luckily, I now have enough time to get back into magic. So I am.


Any Questions?

If you have any questions about me, my magic, or bookings, feel free to email me : pk@atomiczebra.com

Or have a read of my Questions and Answers page.

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