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Questions and Answers

In case I can answer any questions before you call or email me.

Are you good?


Yes. Well, I try to be. I probably am. Yeah, I’m pretty good. I guess.

What is “close-up” magic?


Close-up magic is a genre of magic that is usually performed for a small group of people, usually with cards, coins, sponges, or other everyday objects. It’s performed stand-up, at a table, or on the street. Close-up magic can sometimes be performed on a huge stage, but by definition, it’s more for smaller, more intimate situations

So you do card tricks?


Yes. The difference between your friend’s or uncle’s “card tricks” and me is that my magic effects are much more elaborate and uses much more sleight of hand to perform on a different level than the regular hobbyist. There are plenty more card effects that go beyond just picking a card and finding it. You’d be amazed at what’s possible.

Also, I don’t do just card magic. (Although it does take up a huge chunk of my practice time) I perform with other props as well, including sponges, coins, and cups.

How much to book a show?

It really depends on the venue, number of people, number of special requests, and duration of the gig. I can give you a quote if you email me at pk@atomiczebra.com It would help if you explained what the occasion is, what you’re after, and how long or how regular you would need my services.

Reasonable haggling is welcome. Unreasonable requests will be turned down, though.

Can I pay you with “exposure?”

Unfortunately, “exposure” is not legal tender, so no. If I want to work for more exposure, I will probably be coming to you, but just offering exposure is usually not acceptable.

I can work for tips (busking), but that is not technically a booking. If you have any good offers, I have no problem listening, and seriously considering your ideas.

Can I pay you with beer?

Unfortunately, beer is not legal tender either, so no. Offering me a drink or two is fine, but giving me a six pack of XXXX as payment is not.

Do you take credit cards?

I do not have eftpos, but I can send you a paypal invoice and you can pay me with your card easily.

Do you teach magic?

Yes, in fact, I do. I’ve done lots of lectures. I’ve lectured in DVDs and videos sold all around the world, and given lectures to all kinds of students ranging from hobbyists to professionals. (From children in the 5th grade to adults in their 60s)

If you’re looking for magic lectures, or presentational tips (I have also taught how to give exciting/interesting presentations) then just let me know what you’re after, and we can make it work.

Can you teach me a trick?

  1. See above. Lecture requests are welcome.
  2. If you want to start amazing your friends I can strongly recommend checking out this link. It’s a magic video lecture with me and my buddy teaching a set of basic card magic tricks.

How “clean” is your act?

I usually don’t use profanity in regular speech, and I don’t in my acts either. I CAN, but usually I don’t. I can make almost any act dirty, but I usually don’t. So I have a clean act by default.