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Watch Me In Action!

These are videos of me performing. Check them out!

Recent Videos

More videos will be added once they’re edited.

Here’s my latest project: Oddyliciou5

This is a new product Andino and I have come up with. It’s a professional lecture package, so not for beginners, but still fun to watch the video. (Video editing by me with Final Cut Pro)

This is a preview of a new product I made with Andy.

It’s a very basic card magic trick set using no sleight of hand.

My Old Videos

2DeeMAGiC was my magic company from 8-10 years ago. I’ve only gotten better!

This was my Promo Video back in my 2DeeMAGiC days.

I used to live in Seoul, Korea. Here are some sights of Seoul with magic.

Here’s a product I had back then. Maybe it’ll be back up sometime.

Here are some elaborate effects that work well indoors.

About 800 people in the club. That was a fun night.

It’s not just card effects. haha. I do other stuff sometimes. Here, sponges.

I still enjoy performing with cards, in most any situation.